Julian Turner, LMT's THE Center
Massage the way it is meant to be.
 "Julian is seriously a master at his craft.. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows the answer and the solution to what I can say is almost everything. Not only is he super sweet and friendly he is also caring, he's not only in it for the money. I will recommend him to anyone that wants to see results.! Not a phony 1hr long massage that will have you walking out the same way you came in. Check him out you will not be disappointed."
-Evelyn R.
"I got a yelp deal for Julian a few years ago, and I went in expecting potpourri and Enya, maybe some ice water with cucumber in it. NO. NOPE.

Julian will push you to your body's limits to work on your body's ingrained bad habits.  It's excruciating, but... it's so effective.  Amazing!  I have terrible chronic back pain and constant migraines, and Julian worked on my body's trained habits.  Not only did he work during the session, but he gave me "homework" of exercises to do to retrain my muscles, and it's made a world of difference.

As lovely as a soothing massage is, it doesn't address the underlying problems.  Julian's work is for the long haul, a solution to your pain rather than a brief reprieve."
-Juliet M.
"Julian is my favorite masseur.  Period.  He is so talented, he knows mechanics as well as anatomy and not only treats your current problems but gives you strategies to prevent them from occurring.  I've had recurring upper back pain since I was a teenager, and I've seen numerous massage therapists, physical therapists, and even been to an urgent care center about it.  No one has made my back feel as good as Julian.

He's courteous and professional while still being friendly and relatable (sp?).  He really works with you to make sure you are working towards accomplishing a goal.  He doesn't have rough hands, he gives a good level or firmness, and has always asked before working on areas that might make me uncomfortable.  The room he works in by the convention center is spacious, dark, and comforting too.  A little challenging to locate, go in by the tobacco shop and head of the stairs.  He shares space with some sort of pilates studio at that location.  I would recommend him over most anyone else I have seen in this area."
-Britney J.
"Huge fan of Julian's work. I'm a very active guy and see Julian regularly as a part of my training. After an hour on the table you feel like a whole new person.

Just for clarification, I see Julian strictly as a means to improve athletic performance, so I'm not looking for a relaxing spa experience. These sessions can be... um, uncomfortable (I'm quite sure he'd take that as a compliment). Make no mistake, it's INTENSE. Surviving the hour can be tough, but afterwards you feel incredible.

Oh, and be sure to ask him about 'the jaw thing'. It's a religious experience."
-Noah G.
"Best bodywork I've ever had! Super professional, and very helpful. Would definitely go back to DC just for an appointment with Julian!"
-Alex R.
"Julian Turner is an incredible find, and I would give him the highest ratings possible in every way.  I am only in my 20s but I spent my entire life through college as a dancer, I work out 5-6 days per week, and I have a lot of stress/anxiety problems.  Julian has been a miracle worker for all of these things.  

As an extremely anxious and (oddly) private person, I was really nervous about going in for a real massage.  But Julian immediately did away with my concerns.  He was warm, welcoming, and soothing from the moment I entered the room; gave me plenty of space to prepare myself; and was very sensitive to my temperament and to how new I was to the experience.  Previously, I had only ever received fully-clothed massages that only focused on the upper back or were done as practice for a class.  So this was something completely different.  

Julian is very good at listening to his clients.  He really gets to know you, both in what you want from him in order to physically feel better and in who you are as a person.  During my hours with him, there have been periods of really nice conversation and periods of intense calm and silence.  Julian always seems prepared to go with whatever you need at that moment.  

Julian's approach is extremely physical, and is by no means soft or delicate, but his is really, in my opinion, a better approach for people with injuries and problems with pain.  He has a remarkable way of pinpointing the source of your pain and relieving it in minutes.  He also works your full body, not just the most popular points, and takes your lead as to what you feel needs the most work that particular day.   And if that's not enough, he then helps work with you on tactics to help prevent that pain from resurfacing in the future or to find ways to manage it as best as possible.

I can't say enough good things about Julian.  He is worth every penny, and that said he also asks for an extremely reasonable price.  If you want a truly lasting and relieving massage, go to Julian.  He is the top of the line in every way."
-Alexandra B.
"Julian consistently gets high reviews, and there is a good reason for that. He's damned good at what he does, incredibly knowledgeable and makes it easy to set up and maintain your appointments.

Last year, I had a major surgery on my stomach to revise a decades-old cancer scar. Massage was a huge part of my rehab, and Julian was there every step of the way to help me in my recovery.

In addition, he's just a good guy who truly cares about the people he sees. I honestly can't recommend him highly enough. Also, his office is next to a cigar shop, so if you're in the mood to cleanse your system and then pollute it immediately afterward, you do have that option."
-Michael J.
"I originally purchased an internet deal for a 45 minute massage with Julian. After my time was up, I asked for another 30 minutes, it was that good.

Julian is very professional and a true expert in his field."
-Caitlin B.
"After two weeks in DC doing archival research at a library desk, my neck, upper back and arms turned me into a stiff walking ball of knots. My body was just in such a miserable state that I didn't think I could go another day of pain and discomfort.

Julian is an angel!!  Although he squeezed me into his busy schedule, I never felt rushed at all.  He was incredibly attentive to my problem areas and immediately knew what to do. He's got the know how and the right touch to iron out those stubborn muscles. He is a calm and genuine spirit which suits his healing therapy. I had a one hour deep tissue massage--definitely not for the faint of heart--but man did it do the trick! I have never felt such strength and gentleness at the same time!

To newcomers, don't be put off by the building exterior! Like many old buildings here in DC, the exterior is only a facade. As a single female here on travel, I had reason to be cautious, but once you enter the space, it is very professionally appointed. You'll be in trustworthy hands :)"
-Twee T.
"I went to Julian because some cosmetic surgery I had recently had (don't judge!) left me with a bad case of lymphatic buildup.  My surgeon recommended therapeutic massage beginning a week after surgery.  I'm not from this area so I went to my most trusted new best friend (Yelp) for a recommendation.

To say I was in need of a good massage is an understatement.  Lymphatic buildup after the type of surgery I had can leave you with rock-hard bands of what feels like seatbelt webbing under your skin.  If those areas aren't worked and broken up they can become scar tissue and permanent.  (Not the fault of my surgeon, btw, my body is just apparently one of those "lucky" few to whom this happens).  It is also extremely painful and severely limits your range of motion.

I booked my first appointment and was so amazed and pleased that I booked a whole series of two-hour appointments immediately thereafter.

Julian knows exactly what he's doing.  His knowledge of physiology and kinesiology becomes obvious immediately.  The type of massage I needed is NOT your "fluffy bunny spa massage."  It's very deep tissue, very specific and it takes a skilled practitioner to get it just right.

Don't get me wrong, I am pretty sure that Julian would be able to pull off some wonderful "fluffy bunny spa massage," in fact, I look forward to testing his skills on that some day soon.

As a person, I have come to adore Julian.  He is gentle and kind, very smart, caring and an excellent listener.  I am so thankful to him and to Yelp for helping me find him!"
-Gini B
"Julian is a gifted, empathetic massage therapist. His skills are right there with his feel and intuition, on a very high level. Last week I was in DC on business travel and my neck was totally frozen. I called him, having had no previous contact, and he took me in at 11:30 pm. I saw him again two days later. Both treatments made a huge difference. You can't do better than Julian."
-Mark S.
"Best massage ever.  And I'm not easily impressed.  He's very strong, very professional, I felt like her cared about me.  Focused on my problem spots.  I like the minimalistic vibe of his workspace.  I will go back.  Friendly guy too."
-Adam M.
"I ran the Philly Marathon yesterday and really needed someone to work out the kinks. Julian found tension and trouble spots in areas I didn't think existed! I explained that I had a high pain tolerance and enjoyed hard massages, and he DEFINITELY didn't hold back. There were moments of excruciating pain as he loosened up tight muscles in my calves, hip flexors, and rotator cuffs. Then he did this jaw thing that hurt like a muther...but ended up relieving tension in my neck and shoulders, which made the pain all worth it. I walked out of there walking better (I was hobbling around before) and seriously felt like I had a life changing experience. I'm sure this massage has cut my recovery time in half if not more. Not sure how someone with a low pain tolerance will fair under Julian's healing hands. Then again, I didn't ask him to go any softer, which I'm sure he would've if I did. If you want to get what you pay for and feel like a new person afterward, I highly recommend Julian. I know I'll be going back."
-Laurie C.
"Julian is a real healer. He has a healing touch, yes, but more importantly he has a healing presence. He is strong, grounded, and generous, and you can feel that he really CARES about you and your experience.

I was a bit of a hot mess on the table -- I had come in for help releasing all the tension in my upper back and shoulders, which I knew was emotional. I cried A LOT, and Julian just radiated compassion. He was great when I wanted to talk about it, and easily fell into silence when it was clear that I didn't.

*Highly* recommended."
-Melanie C.
"I went in to Julian with painfully sore shoulders and a spot in my lower back that has seized up after strenuous exercise for as long as I can remember.  ( I am a young office worker and part-time fitness professional on the side, so I am stressed out and sore a lot of the time.)  

For the sake of full disclosure I should say that I LOVE deep massages and can rarely find a therapist who gets deep enough into the tissue.

Not only did Julian give me a thorough massage using consistent deep pressure  (and thus, relaxing for me), but towards the end of the session when I confessed that I was still feeling a lot of pain in the two problem areas that had brought me in that day, he spent an extra 30 minutes of his own time working out those kinks.  As other reviewers have written, that intense therapeutic time was pushing even my limits of discomfort, but I trusted Julian throughout, and in the end I was instantly free of the pain that had brought me in.

I can't tell you how many other massage therapists I've visited in DC who've left me and my aches and pains still feeling unaddressed.  Not with Julian.  He is a master of the musculoskeletal system (perhaps from his engineering background?) and just has an intuitive sense of how the body works.

I have recommended friends to him as well.  One slight warning in advance, the building where his studio is is an older row house that's been split into seperate units and they weren't numbered properly when I got there .  Just look around on the top floor and you'll find him."
-Kate V.
"Julian was exceptional. I lead a very active lifestyle both in terms of physical activity and stress level.  He worked muscle groups I didn't even know I had to release shoulder soreness.  I cannot speak more highly of him. I would recommend him to anyone."
-Claudia C.
"Julian is great. Very effective, extremely professional, and he has a laid-back energy that really puts you at ease.

He is very knowledgeable about health and wellness in addition to an extensive background in massage therapy.

I have been to see him twice and have had great experiences both times with good results. If it's deep tissue you want, you'll get it here. There is nothing I hate more than a massage therapist who can't apply enough pressure - and that's definitely not a problem with Julian.

Don't be put off by the somewhat odd location of his office above the cigar shop - once you climb the flight of leaning stairs and enter the office, it's professional all the way.

Also important, he takes credit cards. Which you may need, as his services aren't cheap. But you're really paying for experience and it's well worth it."
-Sarah M.
"Yeah, Julian is good.  He works my back deeply with his elbow, right at the pain threshold.  He also has good insight into physiological issues and offers sensible advice regarding addressing them.  Scheduling is a cinch, book at his website and show up.  I've done this a dozen times with no incident.  I highly recommend you give him a try and see what he can do for you."
-Sam S.
"Julian is very professional, knowledgeable, and sensitive to individual needs. He has magic hands; a lot of strength and skill.  I would highly recommend him. Don't be intimidated by the rundown look of the building where he works!  He is worth every penny!"
-Irena S.
"Mr. Julian Turner provides instant relief from the stressed out, over worked, and sedentary experience of my day job.  When I am looking for relaxation and muscle tension relief I know that I can count on Julian Turner's massage service.  I love the hours and schedule that accommodate me after the regular 8 to 5 pm too.  Highly recommended for expert specific, deep muscle relaxation!"
-Jennifer B.
"Julian is a wonderful massage therapist. His techniques are effective and most importantly, at least for my needs, he creates the most welcoming, comfortable, supportive environment. I had never had a massage before and was slightly nervous, especially having a male therapist. But I felt totally at ease right from the start. He really listens to what is going on with your body and your mind and understands the connections between the two. He's happy to lend an ear if you want someone to talk to, but if you want silence that is fine too.

I always feel better (pain-wise and mood-wise) after a session with Julian."
-Sara E.
"Julian was spectacular. I was in a car accident and went for a massage to relieve the pain. The massage was better than I could have imagined, my back feels like it used to and he even helped my TMJ. Will certainly return!"
-Brooke F.
"Julian did a great job. I have rheumatoid arthirits and he made me feel comfortable as he worked out the tension in my lower back/hip area. He also showed me ways to stretch to help improve aches and pains. I would highly recommend him."
-Akea E.
"All in all, my appointment with Julian was an excellent experience.  The massage itself was great (intense, deep tissue style, per my request), and Julian was able to suggest some stretches to help me relieve some IT Band tightness that I get from running.  And his studio is in a convenient yet relatively peaceful locale as well.  I'll definitely schedule another appointment with him next time I need a massage."
-Robert M.
"After suffering for weeks with stress related upper back problems, I was lucky to stumble upon Julian through a simple Google search almost a year ago.  After a few sessions, Julian had completely cured me of my back pain.  Julian is a top rate massage therapist and I can't recommend him highly enough.  He uses a unique deep tissue massage style that does not only focuses on the muscles that are causing you problems, but other muscles and body areas that are seemingly unrelated but actually end up being related to the original problem.  Julian also provided excellent advice on exercises and stretches that I could do at home which would help me prevent this type of stress related injury in the future.  In addition to assisting with any acute pain, I also highly recommend Julian for a regular massage as he always seems to find a way to identify areas that are tight or problematic and you always leave him feeling relaxed, refreshed, and happy.

Julian has a very calm and soothing style that immediately relaxes you the minute you enter the room with him.  In addition, he spends a good amount of time with you during your initial session to better understand any past injuries or health issues that he needs to be aware of in order to best meet your needs.  He understands how the body is connected so well that he can help identify the root cause of any pain and help you address it.  

I have always found it easy to schedule an appointment with Julian, he has an on-line scheduling system that is convenient and always has availability.  His hours are also convenient, with many times in the evenings and weekends.  His rate is very reasonable and is definitely worth every penn[y]."
- Heather D.
"I had this back pain for about a month that got worse due to traveling. My husband decided to get me a massage before heading to Africa and found Julian and gave it a try since the location is pretty close to our hotel. My experience was AMAZING! He did some manipulation of certain points (groin, armpit, pelvic area) and it seems it's a lymphatic massage.

After spending an hour and half, my body felt lighter and the bad back pain I felt was gone! He's EXPENSIVE but worth it! I wish I got a Yelp deal to make it cheaper.

Highly recommend Julian!"
-Ivy Lou H.
"I'm glad I got to take advantage of Julian's Yelp deal and book an appointment with him. He's a very professional and talented massage therapist. I love that his website allows for scheduling appointments online. Prior to the appointment, he even sent me an automated email and  text message as reminders. In person, he is soft spoken and took his time to ask me what I wanted to get out of the massage.  He listened  attentively to my known health issues. Unlike traditional spas or centers that offer a menu of massage styles that are chosen by the customer, Julian focused more on identifying the root causes of the body's pain points and employing various massage techniques for the sole purpose of healing.

I wanted to get a massage because I had been working long hours on my desk and this had taken a toll on my health. I had lower back pain from sitting too much.  My left knee swelled and became sore to the point that I'd limp after every high-impact exercise. I came to Julian's thinking that I would get a deep tissue or gentle massage;  I didn't get what I thought I wanted, but at the end of the session, I got exactly what I needed. I was surprised to discover that my left knee pain had subsided soon after he worked on my quads and abdomen. I even walked back home without a limp! His methods are not the typical techniques one would get at a spa, but they sure are effective!

His business is convenienty located across from the Convention Center and within 1 block of the Mt Vernon Square Metro. It is on the fourth floor, and he shares the space with a pilates/exercise business. While the atmosphere did remind me more of a cramped gym, I was fine with this aesthetic as I had my eyes closed most of the time during the massage anyway.  

I look forward to getting more massages from him in the future."
-Christine P.
"This is notttt a fancy spa experience. It is a serious massage by someone who knows his stuff - listens to your problem areas, works on them, explains what might be causing it, and explains how you can avoid it in the future. I will warn you - if you have lots of chronic pain, it won't be super fun while he is massaging you - BUT when you get off that table, you will feel like a new person.

He works on fixing the issue not just temporary feel good massage while you are on the table. I recommend it for those who work at an office job and is at a desk all day (like me --  major lower back pain and hip stiffness)  or if you are super active runner, etc. and need some good deep tissue work for your muscles.

Julian is a professional and he provides good customer service from the text reminders to online scheduling to just general helpful and attentiveness."
-Farzin K.
"Julian compels me to write my first review on Yelp.

I was in DC on vacation and hurting bad. Chronic lower back pain has been nagging me for years. I searched massage therapists in the area and booked a session with Julian. Little did I know that a random appointment would get me on the road to sustainable wellness.

Julian spent a good deal of time before the session interviewing me about my activity level and overall health. Then, instead of giving me a relaxing full body massage (which honestly is what my instant-gratification self wanted) he asked if he could focus on my problem areas - the psoas muscle and surrounding ligaments that are the source of my chronic pain. I'd be lying if I said the work didn't hurt - at times I would be hard pressed to recall a more painful experience - but the results were astounding.

After the bodywork he spent more time giving me advice for future therapy back home (Chicago).  He recommended lots of electrolytes and no alcohol, the latter of which was a tall order considering my girlfriend and I had tickets to a reggae concert that night. Nevertheless I followed his advice and woke up the next day a changed man. Only a hint of pain in the usual areas, freedom of movement, openness in my lower back, and a resulting smile on my face that lasted the rest of the day.

In the end, our health is all we have. People like Mr. Turner understand this and should be appreciated for the work they do.

Thanks Julian!"
-Joe P.
"Best Deep Tissue massage I've ever had!!"
-Margaret G.
"Julian was spectacular. I was in a car accident and went for a massage to relieve the pain. The massage was better than I could have imagined, my back feels like it used to and he even helped my TMJ. Will certainly return!"
-Mona  I.
"My wife and I were in DC for a few days last winter and found Julian on Yelp. In one line, it was the best massage either of us has ever had. Both of us had some long-term muscle issues, and a single massage made a huge difference. His studio was comfortable but not frilly, which was very much to our liking. Most of all, he was knowledgeable and very good at what he does. After our massages, he showed us ways that we could massage each other to deal with our respective issues, which I felt was above and beyond what you would expect from even a great masseur. Next time we are back in DC, we will definitely be paying Julian another call!"
-Dave A.
"julian was awesome.  i normally do not get massages. I had been trying to rehab an injury for 6-9 months trying to avoid surgery.  Went to see Julian and i left feeling like a million bucks.  ultimaely i needed surgery but now i have found a great LMT to see when i need him.  the whole experience has changed my mind set on the benefits of balancing my gym workouts with getting a massage."
-Master U.
"Julian was an amazing therapist and very dedicated to massage therapy.  He talked me through various issues I had in my shoulders and lower back, and corrected them during the session.  He fixed pain in my lower back that has been there for weeks!  In addition, he gave me stretches and massages I can do myself to keep pain and tension at back while on travel.

I will definitely be going back to Julian!"
-Marianne M.
-Free S.
"Julian is a talented massage therapist. He is highly knowledgeable and will make sure to listen to your concerns before beginning the massage. I would highly recommend him if you live with a chronic illness affecting: joints, connective tissue, or muscles. He constantly reads up on the latest developments in the field and updates his skill set. See Julian if you're in need of a seriously good massage."
-Alex B.
"Rarely have I ever met a massage therapist who truly embodies the understanding of therapy through massage, namely a treatment intended to relieve or heal. Julian is a healer focused on working inside out. I have received massages in Thailand, Laos, Jamaica, and India, but none compare to the touch and effect of Julian. Julian is a listener on multiple levels--physically, emotionally and spiritually. Upon assessing a patient, he modifies his technique to best address the issues raised, including using deep tissue, reiki, craniosacral therapy, and meditation. I highly recommend Julian as a therapist. For the past 2 years, I have seen Julian almost every week, unless I am out of town. It is a testament to his skill."
-Seems T.
"He has strong arms and uses it to dig deeper.  It's not the most enjoyable on the spot massage since I enjoy the softer pleasant pressure.  But he explained to me how the harder pressure does the productive muscle work that helps afterwards, and indeed my sore muscles were significantly better afterwards and the next day.  So I think he really knows what he's doing and does work in a mixture of tougher and softer tension."
-Aliza W.
"I go to Julian for my thorough body stretching and what I call a Sports Massage.  All I can say is YES!  You truly don't know how much you need to stretch or in my case how much more stretching I need to do until you are under the skills of Julian."
-Victor P.
"In particular, Julian is an absolute savior with his myofascial/active release techniques. And let's face it, if you're going to get a sports massage you aren't there for a spa-like atmosphere anyhow. You're there to talk about the pain and recovery issues you're having and then experience some pain during massage so that it feels better later. Julian has worked wonders on my IT band issues and has been a key component in my ability to train again. I can't say enough about his skills, ability and true passion for what he does. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs a good sports massage, stretching, recovery session."
-Jen B.
"Julian will FIX YOU.  It'll hurt, but he'll fix you."
-Maura B.
"I've ...  been to Julian after I completely wrenched something deep in my shoulder back in May. I would recommend Julian for people who have sport injuries. He hurts a little bit, but the next day, I was pain-free (prior to Julian, laughing or even taking a deep breath caused a horrible twinge deep in my shoulder)"
-Beth B.
Don't let the location (a dingy old apartment building) fool you -- this place is totally worth a visit. Julian is so warm, I felt more relaxed just talking to him. Usually, I have to get two or three massages to get the knots out of my back, but in a single one-hour session he undid the damage from a week of moving into a new apartment and months spent hunched over a laptop. He is the best.
-Sara C.
Julian is hands down the best sports masseuse in DC. His small space is no-frills but his techniques and experience are second to none.
-Quinn P.
"The Mozart of massage therapy. Julian's an artisan and a super nice guy. He can get rid of knots in your lower back without even laying a finger on them (by focusing on trigger points in the abdomen and groin). He does a TMJ massage that will make your jaw drop, literally. In my case, it was the first time in 20 years I could open my mouth wide without jiggling my jaw. Who knew there were trigger points on the front of your throat?

I cannot emphasize this enough: Julian is on a whole other level from any massage therapist I've ever gone to. His time is valuable, but it's worth every penny.

NOTE: Julian is focused on restoring healthy function and his work on trigger points can be painful, frankly--but you will feel like a new person afterwards. If you want a fruh-fruh, rose-petal massage, go elsewhere and leave the maestro to work his magic on someone who needs it."
"I've written 97 reviews and never said this before...Trip Advisor needs to add an OUTSTANDING category just for Julian Turner, LMT.

We were visiting DC for a convention and this office is less than a ten minute walk away. Incredibly tidy, professional, and quiet. Exactly how a therapeutic experience should be. After finding him online he replied promptly (< 20") to a telephone call and was able to see me the same afternoon.

Visiting Julian is unlike any typical massage experience. He understands the anatomy of the body and applies this knowledge with skillful hands from every angle imaginable.

With regards to how I found him...I was online searching for alternative treatments for vertigo, migraine, and Meniere's disease. Hopkins, Stanford, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, MGH, Brigham. 20+ prescription medications. Still sick 2-3 times weekly for the past 2 years. None of these doctors had ever touched my head. After listening thoughtfully, Julian spent hours working on my head, neck, shoulders. He even applied specific techniques for my TMJ which can impact my conditions. I couldn't be more grateful and am positive that his treatment will offer long term benefit.

After my first session, I immediately booked my husband for a two hour treatment and he was won over as well. Then I booked my second session since I knew one was not enough.

Hopefully inclusion of this information helps explain why Julian tips the scales and offers benefit for specific severe conditions in addition to the more common issues for which we all visit therapists.

We have had "luxury deep tissue massages" all over the world at the best spas including the Ritz, Four Seasons, to the caves of Greece, and spas in Asia. There isn't any comparison. None at all. Julian is in a class all by himself. If you are visiting DC or if you live in town (I am so jealous.) Don't think twice. You must call him.

Now our biggest worry is that we are hooked and are left wondering when we can return to DC since we doubt if we will ever find who can encompass Julian's talent as a provider for physical and psychological care. "
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